Building a real trash can barbecue

Mon, Aug 29, 2005

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Building a real trash can barbecue

Too cheap to buy one of them fancy store bought Weber smokers? Got a trash can (or a neighbor with a trash can?) and a hot plate? You are all set buddy boy. Following the plans on this link you can build your own trash can barbecue for less than $50.

A few tips for my fellow Aggies who may attempt this:

  • Use a metal trash can, PVC is not a good flavored smoke
  • Make sure you’ve emptied the trash before you begin
  • If you live near Sesame Street, check for Oscar
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One Response to “Building a real trash can barbecue”

  1. Joshua Hopper says:

    What size can and cooking grate did you use. I can’t seem to find a grate that will fit into my can using the grooves that are already in the can. I don’t want to put screws into the can to hold up the grate if I don’t have to