Ronnie’s Steak House

Tue, Jun 13, 2006

BBQ News

Ronnie’s Steak House is a Orlando landmark of sorts. Here’s everything you need to know about this popular Florida steak house. Every visitor to Disney World who does their research will come across Ronnie’s Steak House at least once in their online research when searching for restaurant reviews in Orlando, Florida. Ronnie’s always shows up listed as the best steak house in town, and the worst!

Serving fine grilled steaks and chops, Ronnie’s Steak House location at 7500 International Drive in Orlando, Florida made it a prime advertising target for those on a Disney Vacation seeking an aged, prime steak or juicy lobster. But the verdict was always split down the middle, with some visitors claiming it the best steak they’d every eaten, other’s the worst. My theory is that lots of Orlando tourists aren’t exactly familiar with top quality steaks, and believe whatever they are told about the quality of the meal.

A favorite tactic at Ronnie’s Steak House was the bait and switch on the wine. When an unsuspecting tourist dropped in and order a bottle of wine, the waiter would claim that they were out but would “upgrade” them to a “better” bottle of wine to accompany their t-bone, strip steak, or fillet. Inevitably this would turn out to be the cheapest wine around.

If you’re looking to make reservations to Ronnie’s Steak House you are too late. Ronnie’s has closed their doors for good. Seems the good reviews from clueless customers could not overcome the bad reviews from more discerning patrons.

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