Budweiser Barbecue Sauce

Sat, Jun 24, 2006


Budweiser Barbecue Sauce

Budweiser has launched its own line of barbecue sauces, just on the heals of new flavors from Bulls Eye. The Budweiser-branded sauces will be available in major grocery and club stores in addition to restaurants nationwide. In addition, the sauces will be sold at all Anheuser-Busch tour center gift shop locations. Here’s the flavors they’ve announced.

  • Budweiser Basting Sauce A perfect fit for fish, chicken, pork and beef. This sauce has a distinct mustard flavor that’s enhanced with a blend of fresh garden vegetables, herbs and a nice hint of caramelized sweetness. A touch of soy and citrus rounds out this great baste.
  • Budweiser Wing Sauce Built for, what else, a Budweiser and wings! The wing sauce is nicely balanced with the right amount of heat, a hint of sweetness, a nice intermingling of butter and garlic with a pallet-cleansing burst of vinegar. This sauce is comfortably mild and can be kicked up for those who love hot and spicy.
  • Budweiser Barbecue Sauce This sauce holds a blend of heat, vinegar, fresh herbs and garden vegetables with subtle notes of hops, malts and rice from the Budweiser.
  • Beechwood Smoked Budweiser Barbecue Sauce Offers traditional barbecue flavor with subtle smokiness and a slightly tart and sweet balance that has a caramelized sugar finish. This sauce is complex enough to work with both lighter meats such as chicken, while holding true to bigger flavors like beef and ribs. The special beechwood chips, made famous in the crafting of Budweiser, are used in creating this sauce and the result is a flavor like no other with a finish that is subtly smoky with hints of hops and malt.
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24 Responses to “Budweiser Barbecue Sauce”

  1. Jim says:

    The Budweiser BBQ Sauce is the best sauce I have ever had!Just a little heat, not too sweet,and no fake smoke in it. Really an awsome product!!!

  2. Justin says:

    I made some pulled pork with the Budweiser BBQ Sauce and it was the best I have ever had. The taste is perfect!

  3. Vicky says:

    WOW, I was totally blown away, this BBQ sauce is wonderful, the best part about it is it actually has chunks of garlic and onion coming out when you pour it. I own a small bar in Northern MN, my bar is called Riley’s Cannibal Junction, I buy my most beer product from Budweiser through Grand Rapids, MN. Because I own a bar I had to check out your BBQ sauce, when I was doing my grocery shopping at Walmart. It is awesome, not too sweet, not too smokey, it truly is the best BBQ sauce that you can buy over the counter. I think you really have to advertise you product, because you have a wonderful product here. Thanks for listening! Vicky at Riley’s

  4. Jerry says:

    The BBQ sauce is really very good.
    I have used it on beef, chicken and pork.
    Has just the right amount of vegie chuncks
    in it and the right amount of heat.
    I bought it at my local Walmart.

  5. J. P. says:

    I agree, this truly is the best bbq sauce i have ever bought over the counter, in fact i have never had a better sauce in a restaurant. I first came across the wing sauce which is also awesome, and was thrilled to see the BBQ sauce in Wal Mart one day and of course grabbed a bottle, i now find myself reloading almost everytime i grocery shop. I use it on grilled chicken religiously and all my friends have loved it too. This stuff is killer!

  6. Alaska says:

    The first BBQ sauce to top cattleman’s very impressed,Made a meatloaf the other day and used it instead of ketchup OMG the most mouthwatering meatloaf ever…sorry MOM I got the best meatloaf recipe now

  7. Linda says:

    Is this Budweiser BBQ Sauce available in Southern Ontario, Canada

  8. beau says:

    no doubt. the best bbq sauce I ever had. I first found it sitting on the shelf amongst the other wanna be’s. I shrugged my shoulders, and decided to try it with a country style rib – pork. 2hrs on high in water in the crock pot. pour out 2/3′s the water, and fill it up with budwieser bbq sauce, just about another hour on low – now, I’ve tried other sauces, but that sauce makes it.
    Now that the store that I found it, walmart, took it off their shelf here, I am lost without it. I want nothing to do with any other bbq sauce. WOW!
    where can I get it?!

  9. Kelly says:

    Does anyone know where I can get it in Tucson, AZ?

  10. Bill Evans says:

    I live in Southern New Jersey and I bought it at Sams Club and My Daughter and I love it now they don’t sell it there anymore does anyone know where I can get it. HELP.

  11. Christopher Fenn says:

    Great stuff. Buy some now!!!

  12. jocelyn hatley says:

    i’ve been looking for the budweiser wing sauce for months now and can not find it at target or walmart are they at another store or not in garland texas?! plz help

  13. jason says:

    i just got some at foodlion they have all the available budweiser sauces best sauce i have bought at a store.

  14. shane says:

    this is the best store bought bbq sauce i have ever had .i used to make my own but ill buy it from now on thanks

  15. Melindarella says:

    I used the BBQ sauce on brisket in the crock pot tonight! It is amazing. Buy it at HEB in Texas.

  16. Scott says:

    I found some @ The Big Y in SW Ct and loved it! I need more, bring it back

  17. Shelly says:

    The Budweiser wing sauce is the best I have ever had. They only problem is the stores around here are not carrying it anymore. I have been looking for it for months. I am from the Noblesville IN area. Can anyone tell me if Walmart, Marsh, or Kroger will be carrying it again anytime soon?

  18. Bonnie says:

    yes we tried this in the oven with pork steaks and wow it was the bomb! greatest sauce besides kic masterpiece! i want more! from Kansas city.

  19. Bonnie says:

    walmart had it in the xmas gifts section i bought 2 more sets for my daughters and their family for xmas!

  20. Justin says:

    I live in Canada and bought some while vacationing in Florida. This stuff is the best. I’ve been a Bud fan all my life and they didn’t disappoint again when they came out with their own line of sauces. Does anyone know how I get some up here in Canada?

  21. Dave says:

    They have it at Publix here in Florida $2:09 a bottle

  22. Ryan G says:

    My girlfriend knows i love budweiser and so 1 thing she got me 4 christmas was some budweiser bbQ sauce and so it was a must try 4 me and so i tryed it and i truly belive that is is the best bbQ sauce i have ever had it is truly delicious it is a must have 4 bbQ lover everywhere

  23. Sophie says:

    In Canada Costco sells the bud sauce. In BIG containers of course!

  24. Amy says:

    Wow! You guys are a bunch of super devoted, bbq lovin’ fans. Here’s where you can get it – 1800Baskets.com starting this Father’s day (early sales begin May 11th give or take a day). We’ll carry a 4-bottle set. Stay tuned. Makes a great gift for dad!