My Diamond BBQ Has Arrived!

Sun, Sep 2, 2007


My Diamond BBQ Has Arrived!

My new “Diamond BBQ”:http://diamondbbq.com/ has arrived, all 255 pounds of it. It’s packed well, but it sure is heavy.

The goal of the Diamond BBQ is to make charcoal grilling as convenient as propane. It features an electric starter with blower, and a built-in garbage disposal for chewing up the ashes. The inside is shaped like a sink, s0 cleanout should be a breeze.

This grill is going to go head to head with my propane grill, a Grand Turbo from BBQs Galore. Both are 36 inches wide or so built-in units of stainless steel. First I’ve got to build (another) island to house this bad boy. I will probably build a “good enough for now” rig out of treated lumber and cement backer board.

Stay tuned!

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One Response to “My Diamond BBQ Has Arrived!”

  1. David says:

    Interested to know how the Diamond BBQ turned out. Did the waste unit work as hoped for and has it stood the test of time?