BBQ Sauces from Vermont

Sun, Jun 22, 2008

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BBQ Sauces from Vermont

I must confess, I didn’t know that they BBQ’d way up there in Vermont! If you are looking for something different for your next BBQ, try some of the sauces from Pieces of Vermont.

They’ve got quite a variety, including my favorite, Smoky Apple. It’s got real apple cider, that’s the trick. Great on pork!

In addition to BBQ sauce, pieces of Vermont sells just about every Vermont-themed item you can imaging, including just about anything flavored with Maple syrup.

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One Response to “BBQ Sauces from Vermont”

  1. kelly douhan says:

    used to use “serious barbque and dipping sauce” from vt. they retired, wanted to know if anyone had some or there was a similar sauce up there.