Butterball Electric, Indoor Turkey Fryer

Sat, Oct 17, 2009


Butterball Electric, Indoor Turkey Fryer

Butterball has rolled out a new indoor appliance custom built for frying turkeys. It’s a little big, as far as countertop appliances go – the fryer measures 18.1 inches long, 16.7 inches wide and 16.8 inches high, but not as big as you might imagine considering it can cook a 14 pound turkey.

It has a thermostat that maintains a proper frying temperature and a built-in digital timer. This should make it easy to use, and more convenient than a propane fryer for sure. It also uses 1/3 less oil than a conventional propane fryer.

You can fry other types of things as well in the unit, so it might be a substitute for a regular deep fryer. Priced at about $120, it’s in the same price range as a quality unit.


2 Responses to “Butterball Electric, Indoor Turkey Fryer”

  1. Sam says:

    indoor and turkey fry in the same sentence scare me